The R/C Flying Club of Lafayette, Indiana
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Wabash River Level at Lafayette, IN
Our North Field starts flooding at 13 feet. It can be used for float flying up to about 14 feet. Above that the field is inaccessible.
First annual ALES soaring contest
Pilot Place Points Ben Roberto 6078.30 Robin Meek 5548.38 4424.74 Ron Smith 4349.06 4200.56 Greg Grace 3913.25 3889.97 3860.35 Tom Snyder 3783.19 3736.42 3544.94 Al Borges 3476.23 1 st  place Expert 2 nd  place Expert Larry Piatt 1 st  place Sportsman 3 rd  place Expert Irv Thomas 2 nd  place Sportsman 3 rd  place Sportsman Ron Kovach Tony Venezia Phil Vandermeer Matt Minirez
September 16, 2017
Expert Class
Sporstman Class